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Advancing Agriculture Through Innovation

The Advancing Agriculture tag line defines our mission to constantly improve the way farmers and contractors go about their daily routine, so they achieve more in a day with less effort. We back this up with constant engagement with those at the coal face, those doing the hard yards trying to squeeze every bit of efficiency they can from their machinery. This especially applies to fencing contractors, who are reliant on their post drivers to put more posts in every day – even in steep and hard to reach fence lines.

Farmers need their mowers to be easy to attach, simple to operate, and do the job without blocking or scalping the ground. Maxam mower do this better than any other mower – consequently they are still a favourite with farm owners and managers.

Post Drivers - a global Player

Postdrivers and pile drivers are our passion at Farmgear. We live and breathe the finer arts of post driver design to ensure we are not only ahead of any other manufacturers, but to provide fencers with the most versatile post rammer available globally. The drive to produce the best postdriver filters down the production line, so even cheaper models have new technology incorporated in the design, making even simple rammers smoother, faster, and easier to operate. The use of adjustable plastic inserts and slides is an example of top level features being used in farmer level machines, so they can enjoy the silky smooth operation just like a professional fencing contractor.

Key Benefits of Fencepro and Kinghitter Post Drivers

Another huge win is the economies of scale which comes from having enough production to be able to import componentry direct from the Original Manufacturer in other countries. One example is how Farmgear can import Walvoil Valve Banks direct from the factory in Italy.

The clear advantage here is that the Walvoil is the very best valve for Post drivers, however they are very expensive if not purchased in large quantity direct, so this saving can be passed on to the customer. Another key difference is that Farmgear imports their mast steel direct from the infrabuild Steel Mill in Australia. The advantage to the customer is that this enables Farmgear to specify a high tensile steel (grade 350 instead of grade 300). This is the highest grade I Beam available and only then on a special production run specifically for Kinghitter and Fencepro post drivers.

Quality Control Guaranteed

Farmgear has strict control over the whole production process, from the original CAD design, right through to every post rammer being run up on their purpose built test rig prior to despatch. This  attention to detail ensures a smooth transition through the sales, delivery, and after sales service process, so every customer gets a post driver that is fit for purpose, and ready for work.


Farmgear Ltd has a vision to become an industry leader in New Zealand’s highly progressive and innovative Agricultural Machinery sector, and to supply domestic and global markets with world-class equipment.