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About Us

Introduction to Farmgear Ltd

Farmgear Ltd is a family-owned company based in Palmerston North and has a long history of farm machinery manufacturing. The first product was the Maxam mower, developed in 1998 when the concept of combining a mower and a topper was created. This was very successful and the Maxam multipurpose Mower is still very popular 34 years later.

Fencepro Acquisition

Farmgear Ltd purchased the Fencepro business in 2009 and relocated it to Palmerston North from its former location in Wellsford. Fencepro is now a dominant player in the busy New Zealand post driver market. This is particularly so in the fencing contractors market, where the Ultra range has the most innovation of any post driver worldwide. Check out the Telescopic Mast Ultra T2 and the 180 degree rotational base RB800. Combined, these two products are the most technologically advanced machines you can find globally.

Kinghitter added to the family

Roll forward to 2019 and the acquisition of Fairbrother Industries which included the well-known brands Kinghitter and Hooper. The entire production facility was moved from it base in Beachhaven in Auckland to join the Farmgear suite of products in Palmerston north in December 2019. Despite being manufactured in the same facility, the Fencepro and Kinghitter ranges have kept their own identity and fill out equally important roles in the Post driver market.

Aitchison Agri Purchased

.In May 2024, Farmgear Ltd took over Aitchison Agri, and began manufacturing the seed drill range out of its second factory in Fielding. There is lots of ideas and improvements in the pipeline, so watch this space.

Moving Forward

The Farmgear team does not rest on their laurels, however. An uncompromising commitment to on-time supply, service, and back-up that has been established over the last 30 + years is strictly adhered to. The full-time research and development team are constantly updating and refining the product range and adding new products, to ensure the Farmgear products are at the leading edge of both design and function.

Meet the Administration Team

Nathan Barnes

Farmgear General Manager

067775365 Direct Dial

Archie Barnes

Production and Purchasing Manager

Phone 067775388 Direct Dial

Nick Barnes

Operations Manager

Phone 067775360 Direct Dial

Grant Barnes

Sales and Marketing Manager

Phone 067775380 Direct Dial

Bronnie Wycherley

Admin and Accounts

Phone 06 3568516

Dallas Barnes

Marketing and Spare Parts

Phone 067775360 Direct Dial

Jack Barnes

Kinghitter Sales

Phone 02102570603

Tobi Currie

Fencepro Sales

Phone 067775366

Chilli Lowther

Kinghitter and Hooper Spare Parts

Phone 094820866

It's who we are

The company slogan Advancing agriculture defines the passion we have to provide world class innovative products that are continually modernised to ensure they are safe and easy to use.